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An ultimate makeover

An ultimate makeover

CONTEXT and environment This aging flat, home for a couple and their two young...

admin2848 20 April 2020

Trendy Hairdresser & Barbershop

CONTEXT and environment The creation of a new premise for Studio 54, a hairdresser...

admin2848 15 January 2020

Haussmannian Style apartment

Context and environment 180m2 of large rooms with high molded ceilings and old wooden...

admin2848 2 December 2019

Mountain minimal

CONTEXT and environment In a lovely house nestled in the heart of the mountains,...

admin2848 3 November 2019


CONTEXT and environment A charming apartment ideally located in the city center that hasn’t...

admin2848 3 October 2019
A clever entrance

A clever entrance

CONTEXT and environment This lovely apartment in Meythet offers a beautiful view over the...

admin2848 3 September 2019

Attic suite

CONTEXT and environment The parents wish to create a suite on the floor of...

admin2848 3 August 2019