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interior design

Attic suite

  • Mission:

    Conception + supervision

  • Type:


  • surface area:

    19m2 loi Carrez

  • Location:

    La Roche-sur-Foron (74)



and environment

The parents wish to create a suite on the floor of their charming house to offer more privacy to their teenage daughter.


customer' wish

Going through a radical transformation to transform an old office into a bedroom that matches a teenager tastes and lifestyle and creating a shower room.


our reflection

What do you do when you need to create a bathroom in a room that has absolutely nothing in place to accommodate water feed channels and sewage disposal ? You find tricks !
By taking advantage of the parental bathroom located right below the future attic suite, we are able to join the existing pipes. We provide a “loft” touch to the room through the set-up of a semi-open partition that delimits space. Finally, and to ensure visual continuity, we selected a specific wet area laminated flooring that was perfect for both the bathroom and the bedroom.

before / After

the revelation

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